Saturday, April 29, 2006

All about Malaysia

In December 2005 ~ January 2006, I spent a month in Malaysia. It was the 7th country out of 11 of my world tour. I visited Kuala Lumpur, the Cameron Highlands, Penang/Georgetown, Langkawi and Melakka (the no-one-can-agree-on-how-to-spell-this-city city).

For pictures, please visit my Malaysia Set on flickr.

For blog updates, please see bellow:

Sunday, December 18. trang by night, phuket by day, kuala lumpur by night
Monday, December 19.
Thursday, December 22. if i've been quiet lately
Friday, December 23. what i have to put up with and random thoughts
Saturday, December 24. selamat hari krismas! and "miss, why so lonely?"
Sunday, December 25. christmas
Monday, December 26. finally!
Thursday, December 27. jungle and tea - like a proper coloniser
Wednesday, December 28. more jungle, more tea...
Thursday, December 29. penang! and a moment of fame! (sort of...)
Friday, December 30. about love lane... and day 155
Saturday, December 31. happy new year('s eve)
Wednesday, January 04. selamat tahun baru! and langkawi
Thursday, January 05. last day of georgetown
Friday, January 06. to melaka
Saturday, January 07. melaka, or the art of not visiting a city. and mais ils ne me disent rien ces gars! felicitations quand meme! and untitled
Sunday, January 08. cheering myself up
Tuesday, January 10. food on my mind and untitled
Thursday, January 12. i am *so* full right now... and a plague upon thy house
Friday, January 13. happy friday the 13th!


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