Saturday, January 07, 2006

well, you know. just in case you were wondering, i still haven't seen the city.

i couldn't sleep last night. i was just boiling hot, so i read instead.

i did fall asleep, at around 5am. was then woken up at 10am by 6 screeming japanese kids on the rooftop patio. then it was my turn to scream, when i tried to swallow. and then there was a lot of crying involved. and some awful facing expression when drinking water.

holly hell. i hate this thing!

on the upside, i went for a strange lunch. it was a buffet type, but instead of going to the buffet, it came right to your table. they brouhgt you plates and you ate what you wanted. what you didn't touch, you didn't pay for. strangly they only brought me 2 plates, both of chicken. but very yummy! they kept looking at me funny... i wonder why.


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