Monday, April 24, 2006


well, i am finally done. i have uploaded all of the worthy pictures from my 8 month stint in asia and oceania on flickr. the sets are all completed. i have also created four new sets highlighting my world tour: favourites, gourmandises, people of asia and flora. looking at these pictures bring back so many wonderful memories...

it feels weird to not have any more pictures to upload, to no longer spend all of my free time going through thousands of pictures and spending hours uploading them through painfully slow internet connections. uploading pictures on flickr punctuated my trip, became part of what i did, and now that it is over, i feel like my world tour is truly over.

it has been over for a while now. i have been back for a month now. has it really been a month? time goes by so fast. and it feels like it was a million year ago that i was biking through rice fields in china, looking for french pastries in vietnam and watching dolphins up close in new zealand.



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