Monday, December 19, 2005

i slept so well last night, and long as well. sleeping in a room without windows makes for very long hours of rest, thankfully. and i quite enjoyed an ultra long shower this morning. shaving under hot water is much easier. and it seems that soap rinses off better as well. small luxuries! quite appreciated.

i spent my afternoon walking around china town. i visited two hindu temples (why are they so ugly and cold out here?) and two really cool chinese temples (why are they so much better outside of china?). i strolled the food stalls but i didn't find any dumpling anywhere... but i found cherries!!! i was so excited and i paid so much for them but they tasted so good. i was relieved because the last fruit "treat" i offered myself, strawberries in bangkok, was more than a disappointment. i also found some rambutan. i had been looking for them everywhere in thailand but they didn't have any. unfortunately, most of them were quite spoiled.

chinatown here felt a lot less chinese than back home, somehow. the street market was filled with imitation goods and outside the market there wasn't much chinese-feel anywhere. yes, there were chinese signs on every buildings and the buildings were much in need of a coat of paint but heck, they were colonial buildings.

i also went to the central market, located in an art deco building. quite a big market, but they all sell the same things. batik, necklaces, etc.

my other lucky find, aside from the cherries, was discovered at the 7/11. i love that store and just walking through it to see the local additions. although here the products aren't so great and the choices are quite limited, i found... vanilla coke! ha! i was so happy. my first in 4.5 months! the joy. it tastes a tad different though, but who cares!

the rest of the evening was spent updating my journal, while the rain was falling hard outside. and then dinner, where i met august, a south african man who wanted to be my friend and asked if he could visit me in my hotel. when i said that i wasn't interested, that i didn't want his number and that i wouldn't call him he ask if it was because he was black. i said that it had nothing to do with it, but i should have added that it was because he was creeping me out. i went to pay my bill and the two guys behind the register asked if i was married, to which i said yes.

note to self: go buy a wedding ring.


random info about malaysian culture: coffee comes with an asian-style spoon and is consumed as a soup.


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