Thursday, January 12, 2006

a plague upon thy house!

to every muslim man of this country who tried to pick me up (or any other white women for that matter). shame! how would you feel if someone did that to your mother? your sister? your wife? and so, i curse you. perhaps going shakespeare on your ass is a little mean, but if that's what it takes for all of you to wake up and smell the coffee, than that's that.

i am sick and tired of muslim men. of them whistling at me. making weird noises with their mounths. what are you trying to call over, a dog? don't wave your hand at me trying to get me to come over there. do you really think it will work? don't try to sit at my table when i'm eating. no, i don't want to get in your car. no, you can't visit me in my hotel room. no, i won't marry you. and for christ sake, don't grab my ass. just leave me alone! why can't you be more like your fellow chinese and hindu countrymen???

i would just love to be able to go outside in peace...


and damnit. one too on the houses of slow internet connection and hotmail. haven't had so much trouble since vietnam! the damn thing just won't work!!!


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