Wednesday, January 04, 2006

selamat tahun baru!

happy new year everyone!

i wanted to do this update on the 1st but didn't get around to it, unfortunately. fortunately though, it means that i was keeping myself busy with actual things and not by sitting in front of a computer. actually, the first day of this year was spent at the beach. not too bad!

new years eve though was a lot of fun. i went down to the esplanade beside the beach with folks from australia, england and new zealand. it was a long walk away in georgetown but it was worth it! there was thousands of people there, spraying everyone with silly strings and fake snow. the strings were fine but the snow was more like shaving cream, and it wasn't as pleasant. i spent a lot of time covering my eyes by fear of getting blinded by the snow!

new year went off with a countdown and few fireworks, but with tons of snow and silly strings. then, music started and a show of breakdancing got underway. eventually this was replaced with a live dj. the weird thing though is that hardly anyone was dancing. as well, i have to say that this was my first new year with a very sober crowd, considering that the bigger chunk of the malaysian population is muslim. it was a little weird to see people just standing there, especially when the dj went on and most people simply left or moved back. then with us dancing and then standing around us, it felt kinda like being on display... eventually the boys started to dance like crazy and the breakdancers moved to the streets and the party really got started (after paul being threaten to go to jail if he kept dancing). in the end, we were all dancing with the locals (some of which ha wondering hands) and even got to dance with the breakdancers in their circle. what was really bizarre though is that as soon as we decided to leave, so did everyone else. we looked back, and everyone was gone. i guess the attraction was over! but we got lots of cheers as we walked away, with some hand shaking and the likes. it was a great night.

we unfortunately walked back to our guesthouse (i say unfortunately because it was a very long walk) and drank and talked on the balcony until sunrise, after which i had to bid everyone adieu and i was off to bed. two hours later, i was up, and two hours after that, on a bus bound to the beach.

in all it was a great new year, malaysian-style. i will never forget the experience!



more snow

the gang

you can find more pictures of new year's eve celebrations on flickr.


Anonymous cahrooso said...

my new year's looked a lot like that except it was real snow, and we were in down jackets, and there were only 10 of us. sigh.
happy new year!

January 04, 2006 8:55 a.m.  
Blogger Magalie said...

oh, how is it that every year you go to minessota and hate it every time?

i miss you! especially that clever sarcastic humour of yours!!!


January 05, 2006 1:07 a.m.  

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