Thursday, December 29, 2005

a moment of fame! (sort of...)

mags from Blog By Women decided to make my post on jungle and tea the feature on the site for december 27. i was really excited when i saw that. first, because someone actually read my blog. second, because it means that what i wrote was at least interesting. and third but not least, because maybe I'd have more people read my blog (a little greed maybe?).

she says:

Magalie's post today highlights two of my very favorite things: Tea and hiking. As a novice hiker, I am very impressed with the fact that she hiked in a foreign country all by herself. Solo. In the jungle. And as a tea drinker, I love that she finished her hike with a cup of tea grown in the region she had been traipsing through. It doesn't get any better than this.

Travel books almost invariably have a "women traveling alone" section - or at least a mention of things women who are traveling alone should do in that particular country - that addresses women's safety in that country. This has always made me wary - I'm not as adventurous as I like to think I am. So to read Magalie's solo hike in the jungle, then capping it off at a tea house, drinking locally grown tea is just mindblowingly amazing to me.

Props to Magalie for being fearless.

well, that was really nice to read! although i have to say, i do not feel fearless. not at all! i just went hiking, without really thinking about it. i was just hoping not to run into a green mamba (unlike the site says, they're over here in Asia too) or something...

today when i was waiting for my bus to penang there was an information counter there at the station where you could get info on anything related to the cameron highlands or anywhere around here for a matter of fact. on the information board there was a noticed that said:

warning to female travelers. it is not safe to go on jungle hikes solo. if you must go on your own, at least take a wooden stick with you (not funny).

hum. was i fearless or clueless? i will never say :)


Blogger Mags said...

See what I mean! I would have been paralyzed by fear to have gone on that jungle hike by myself!

Did you even have a wooden stick with you?

January 02, 2006 10:29 a.m.  
Blogger Magalie said...

no, i didn't have a stick. not even my trusted swiss army knife! but then again, i didn't know about that "suggestion" until after the hikes. had i known before, i would have tried to find someone to go with me... i think!

January 04, 2006 6:13 a.m.  
Anonymous Carole DL said...

Moi, je crois que tu le savais un peu, que c'était dangereux, la randonnée de «jungle and tea», mais que tu ne t'y es pas attardée ...
parce que tu ne voulais pas t'y arrêter ou te stopper.
Y a des jours de bravoure et c'en était un pour toi.
J'aurais eu peur, je crois, même si j'aime la randonnée. À moins d'avoir mon 12 pour la chasse à la perdrix, et une bonne douzaine de balle, j'y serais pas allée.
Bravo Magalie!

January 06, 2006 8:28 a.m.  
Blogger Magalie said...


merci carole! oui, c'est vrai que je savais qu'il y a un risque, car il y en a toujours un quand on fait de la randonnée. mais vue que je n'y ai pas plus pensé que ça, j'ai de la difficulté à voir ça comme un moment de bravoure. en toute honêteté j'avais plus peur de rencontrer un serpent ou quelque chose du genre et je n'ai même pas pensé au plus grand risque - les hommes de la région! je vais le savoir pour la prochaine fois par contre.

January 07, 2006 1:42 a.m.  

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