Saturday, December 31, 2005

happy new year ('s eve)

i did it! i have found people with whom to celebrate new year's eve (much more important than new year) and am quite happy. plans are to head to the beach for some celebrating and fireworks with the local residents. it should be fun! similar in concept to last year's celebration, minus the struggle for food, the fancy hotel, the underage drinking everywhere, my mom and david, the champagne... ok, so all that's in common is a beach, fireworks, and the heat. same same!

may tomorrow be better than today and without too much of a hangover. may midnight bring happiness, health, love, friendship, encounters, discoveries, peace, courage, hope, conidence, more travels and anything else that is good and holly in this world, such as great food, comfortable beds and beautiful beaches.

bonne année à tous et à toutes!


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