Friday, January 13, 2006

happy friday the 13th!

i love friday the 13ths. they're always great days, and today was no exception. blue sky and sun joined the fun as well, the first time since i've been here! (hum, that's 1 week today...)

i started the day off right by getting up at 1:30pm (yup! lazy... actually, i haven't been sleeping well), taking a hot shower and eating a great breakfast. berry yoghurt (first time on this trip, i have an aversion to foreign diary products - aside from cheese of course), nectarine, corn flakes (dry, no milk. and why don't they taste like back home?) and chedard cheese slices.

then i was off to get some sightseeing done. i walked the streets of "chinatown" and explored back alleys that opened-up onto's people's kitchen. it was wonderful, and i even had one cook run outside after me, asking me to take his picture. he was so funny! it was really sweet. i also visited the oldest mosques of malaysia and a great little hindu temple devoted to ganesh. it was a great temple, but the guy running it was afraid that i'd step in his freshly painted patterns drawn on the floor, which would have been easy to do but i was careful. also visited a great old chinese temple... and at last, i was able to capture the christ church melaka under the perfect light at sunset. a great day filled with too many photo ops, so much so that i ran out of memory cards!

i also spent an hour or so hiding from the rain in a really great hip café near the temples. i sipped on a fresh lemon juice while reading travel magazines... nothing like a 20 page article on new zealand to make you dream again!

and then ended the night with a great dinner, well, my leftovers from last night, but still great! yummy goodness. i missed my food.


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