Thursday, December 29, 2005


i have left the jungle and the great temperature for the island of penang, host of famous georgetown. i thought, island, chinese influence, beaches... could be nice. but then we get there and georgetown is well... a freaking huge city with skyscrapers and the likes. not what i imagined! it's ok though, most of the streets are filled with historic colonial buildings in need of a coat of paint. it is quite charming. and i did get to see the sea, although i won't be swimming there.

i've got myself a room right off "love lane", the backpacker's hub. actually my room isn't a room but a closet with a bed, i swear! the name of the room is "ER", emergency room. tomorrow i've been promised a dorm bed. but meanwhile it's quite funny. the smallest room yet! and somehow it is less depressing than some other rooms i've had thus far.

i decided to come to penang because, as i said above, it's an island with beaches. i thought that it would be a good place to spend new year, and i was right because the place is packed with bars and nightclub. i won't be bored on new years eve!

i ate the second biggest sandwich of my life today (the biggest is from el zazzium in montreal. my dad and i split is because it was so big... the kind where you get a t-shirt if you eat it all). it was really good: a club sandwich with real cheddar (thank god you entered my life again!), cucumbers, grated carrots, lettuce, beef bacon (it is a muslim country after all) and grilled chicken, on 3 slices of fresh, home-made whole wheat bread. yum!

and now, it's 6:30 and i'm still not hungry... so i decided to do the internet thing while waiting for my appetite to come back, sipping a root beer (i missed you too!).


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