Friday, April 21, 2006

like, oh my god!

ok. i have a question. what is up with laguna beach? it has to be the scariest, most horrible show ever. is it a reality show? is it scripted? i don't even know! but i do know that the boys are lame. and the girls are scary. there are how many of them? and they *all look alike* to the point that you don't know who is who and if you've seen them on the show yet. all blond hair. all mini-skirts. all rich. all dumb. superficial bitches.

what is even more lame is mtv doing a "after the show" commentary like they've just watched a great national geographic show. actually, maybe that's what it was. an insight on scary, fake blond, too much make up on, american girls who live on daddy's money. a sort of ethnography on the new teenager trends. sigh. i'm so glad girls around here aren't like that. s.c.a.r.y.

thus, i will add one thing to my list of things i will never do before i die: dye my hair blond. and i will say this: thank you to the hair dresser in toronto who refused to bleach my hair, oh so many years ago. thank you, thank you. even though i just wanted to bleach my hair to die them fire engine red after. thank you.

and i will say this - thank you mtv for pointing out this interesting dilemma: can dumb people call each other dumb?


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