Thursday, January 05, 2006

last day of georgetown

today i took it slow... actually as i mostly always do nowadays. after a good breakfast i was out of the door by noon and heading towards kek lok si temple, a buddhist temple that blends chinese, thai and burmese architecture together (frankly, i think it's nearly all chinese with a couple non-chinese buddhas but whatever they say!). apparently kek kok si is one of the largest temples in south east asia, and i have to say that it is pretty big. there's lots of things to see and great views of the city and of the khan yin bronze statue (the largest such statue in the world) from the 7-tiered pagoda. there's also well over 10,000 buddhas within the entire complex.

the area around the temple was quite nice too, filled with markets, restaurants and sweet-smelling chinese bakeries. i bought myself some fruits and headed back to the guesthouse. there, i ate half my pomello (they are huge) very slowly (and hard to eat) while listening to oldies on the radio. a perfect way to waste a late afternoon.

tomorrow i need to get up early (yuk) and head to butterworth to get a bus bound for melaka, a city with a different spelling almost everywhere you look.


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