Saturday, December 03, 2005

kanchanaburri weirdness

this is a weird city.

no restaurants open before 6pm. everything is barricated, closed, deserted. then, everything opens up and everything looks the same. same set up, same fee pool, same very loud music. so how to pick a place to eat when everything is the same? well, you try to choose the one with people inside so that you're not alone and feel somewhat part of something. but i walked up and down and everything was deserted. so i picked a random place, ate a cheap meal and got outa there.

then, i thought, let's go online. so i've spotted a few places that were cheaper further up and i get up there. 7pm. they are closed! what kind of town is this??? restaurants open late and internet closes early. why? the weekend? sunday's tomorrow (one place had a sign that said "closed sunday" even though it's saturday)? the king's bd is coming up? the kanchanaburri festival is going on? why?

so... i will go back to my guesthouse, slab on a ton of mosquito repellent (those bastards are insane!) and watch movies at the guesthouse.

tomorrow i will walk around town to see the war museum and cemetery of those who died building the bridge over the kwai river. then i'll walk to the bridge and watch the light and sound show (part of the festival) for free (tour companies charge 120B but i found a free area and anyhow, admission is only 20B). then i think i'll try heading back to bkk early on the king's bd... hopefully that will work out!


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