Friday, December 02, 2005

ayutthaya, take 2

i have decided to do things differently today and so i chose against biking about 20km in the blazing heat and hoped on a tuktuk instead. a much better idea, which left me a lot less tired and fed up afterwards. i saw some incredible temples that way today, some of which i was the only one at (which was quite nice). then i went back to the hotel, booked a boat trip around the island (which conveniently goes to temples i hadn't gone to yet) and took a nap (much needed after a 3rd night of hardly any sleep). when i came back downstairs to wait for the tour i was informed that i was the only one who signed up and could pay 50B more (1.25 usd) and be the only one in the boat. i agreed and was quite pleased actually to be by myself.

the boat ride was great and i saw wonderful houses, people fishing and swimming and lots of cool birds. there's this one shot though that i wish i could have taken with my camera but there was no way that i could have caught it in time. there was a fat man sitting shirtless on the banks of the river. he was brushing his teeth and had toothpaste everywhere around his mouth (like a rabid dog, really) and it had dripped all over his fat belly. priceless!

the temple part though was quite funny. we stopped at 3 temples and everytime she said "10 minutes, ok?" which is quite a ridiculously short amount of time to see, enjoy and capture huge temple complexes. so it was kinda like a race against the clock, and i can't wait to see if i actually managed to take some decent pictures in all that madness. i have to admit though that i took more than 10 minutes... so now i have seen thailand's biggest buddha (quite impressive) and can now avoid all other buddha's for a while... i might have had my share for a week or so.

tomorrow i will head out to kanchanaburri (i think i might be misspelling that city's name differently everytime). i'm a little worried because i arrive 1. on a saturday and 2. in the middle of the festival that's going on there. i hope to find a room, an affordable room that is. on top of everything it is the king's birthday in 3 days, which means nothing opened, more vacationers and the likes. we'll see what happens!

i am somewhat feeling better today, but still don't feel much excitement or desire to do anything. but the morale is going up, which is great. perhaps once i manage to get rested it will all get better... now, if i could only stop getting mosquito bites! even with my "eau de deet" on they seem to love me just as much.


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