Sunday, November 27, 2005

weekend market

this morning i headed out to the famous "weekend market" here in bangkok, which is supposed to be the place to get anything you want (hum, excluding girls). well, that turned out to be the truth, maybe even an understatement.

the market is gigantic, really. the biggest i have seen thus far on my trip. you can get anything there, from a squirel (pet) to a couch. you can buy turtle meat or awesome tshirts designed here in thailand. and they have the absolute most incredible orchids i have ever seen, all for less than 200B ($5). the place is madness: it is rumoured to have 200k visitors a day. there are so many stalls, alleys and everythying that the whole thing gets overwhelming. where to start? where to go next? and then, the need to resist buying everything cool...

all i have to say is that i'll need to go back again. perhaps next weekend!


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