Wednesday, November 30, 2005

new city, finally!

well, i got myself on a train and am now in ayutthaya. i got conned into an expensive train (the next cheap one was at 2pm, which was like 5 hours away. so i had to pay about 10 times more to leave earlier) ticket but the ride was short and comfortable. this city feels a lot more like the rest of asia, which is nice, but the city itself isn't really nice - yet. i'm staying at a really cool guesthouse though which is perfect for chilling... not that i haven't been doing a lot of that already!

i've just burned cds, and that took a few hours of my day. i now have two memory cards and i'm really happy about that. tonight i'm going on a night temple sightseeing thing, to view the ruins all light up. it should be beautiful. and tomorrow, i will be renting a bike and going around the island, checking out the sights.

i plan on staying there for about 4 days and to head off to kanchanaburri right after for about 3 days. then, it's back to bkk (for the 3rd time!) and then down south, finally...


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