Friday, November 25, 2005

goodbye ko samet!

today we said goodbye to ko samet. in a way, i was kinda glad. i had enough beach and sun and stuff. which is kinda scary considering that the entire rest of my vacation will mostly be beaches... ah! i might run away to the cameron inlands in malaysia and hide there for a while.

anyhow, i said goodbye to: amazing thai massage (better than sex, i think!), my first encounter with vanilla flavoured vodka since home (i was *so* happy!), too much drinking, too much dancing, too many guys trying to get with me (really, it gets annoying. what a meat market!), short nights and lazy days. my time with the thai girls was great actually, especially the one i was sharing my room with (her name is amp).

tonight i am back in khoasan road. i have to say that i'm appreciating it a whole lot more now, along with bangkok. the dichotomies in this city are simply amazing and i guess that i wasn't seeing them before. i will talk more about that another day though.

i've just eaten diner at a very fancy restaurant with the thai girls and i have to say that it was the best thai food that i have ever eaten. to die for! and they paid for everything (close to 25 usd in food, just crazy!) so i now am going to my room, getting dressed up and going back out to buy them lots of drinks.

i'm glad that i've met them.


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