Sunday, November 27, 2005

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on thai girls.

i have said in my previous post that i was glad to have met the thai girls. that is mostly because it was a wonderful experience to actually get to know and befriend thai people. it allowed me to get past assumptions about thai girls in general (although, i'm still convinced that there's a whole lot of prostitution, casual sex and girls after people's nationality going on). i got to know real, wonderful people and see how they interact with each others and farangs. these girls are lovely with people, they are warm, outgoing, funny and just love to have fun. they love playing with children and they cry when you hurt their feelings. and by hanging out with them i got to hang out with many other thais. they're fantastic people. i can see why so many fall for them.

when we go out clubbing here in bangkok and we dance and have fun, i wonder if people wonder about these girls, about me, about what's going on. i'm sure that many do, just as some look with judging eyes (same same) when young, beautiful thai girls hang out with old, fat men...

on the dichotomies of bangkok.

i have said that i would get back to this statement, and i really wanted to because i think that it's important to know that bangkok is not one thing.

bangkok seems to be a city that keeps growing, without the old stuff getting replaced. bangkok is a city whose architecture includes buildings that rival the worst chinese buildings in being so decrepit, ugly and falling apart. bangkok also has some of the most incredible high rises that rival those of any western countries. they have super modern boutique everything: they like to make the new stuff pretty. bangkok has for transportation ferries and old busses, mercedes and old cars falling to pieces. you can ride a tuk tuk or you can ride the uber modern sky train. you can eat in very fancy restaurants with great design and wonderful food - the kind that you'd pay a fortune for back home. or you can eat at street stalls anywhere in the city for less than $1 usd. you can go shopping at some of the biggest malls in asia or you can shop at the market. you can buy real hermes or fake. bangkok also has one of the coolest looking youth culture around. bangkok is new and old. trying to be modern while holding on to traditions. in bangkok, you choose your experience.

on farangs in general.

for those who might not remember, farang means white person, or foreigner, in thai. tourist in bangkok and ko samet are quite different than from what i've seen and those i've met in other countries. it seems that thailand is a lot more about partying, going crazy. people come here for thailand only, not mostly as part of a greater vacation it seems.

because of this it seems that the whole place is really a meat market. guys are after girls, thai or farang. they try and try with different people until they get something from it. people get drunk, get silly, look crazy. the kind of thing that you'd think they'd regret the next morning (and suffer through, as well) but apparently no one really cares. they're on a vacation and that's all that counts...

it can get annoying at time. embarrassing.


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