Sunday, November 20, 2005

is bangkok growing on me?

today was spent sleeping in (the first time in a very long time!), talking to my floor mates (great people), visiting the imperial palace and the wat that holds the emerald buddha and last but not least, spending too much money on new clothes!

the imperial palace and the temple around it is simply incredible. they put cambodia's equivalent to shame, there's no question about it. the temple complex is by far the best one i've seen as of yet: it is uterly shinny and elaborate, with a crazy mix of mirrors and ciramic mosaics. like one big disco ball.

and the shopping! after looking through the racks i just blew 1000 bath (like, 25 dollars) on a new bikini, a sarong, a skirt, 2 t-shirts, 1 tank top and 1 necklace. but, the best is yet to come. i've found one incredible street stand that sells amazing shirts, pants and skirts. they type that gets into urban outfitters and for which they charge tons for. i swear, the buyers at urban shop here for everything, from shirts to belts and bracelets. i'm gonna go crazy! (i think that i've been shopping-deprived for too long and it's all coming out at once. but it's such nice clothes! and it's so cheap! so it's ok, right? but then, how do i fit it all in my bag?)

as for my feet: as i said yesterday, katy went to see a dermatologist today. well, he concluded that we did in fact have worms! isn't that sexy? i think that's about the worst thing i could have caught (i mean, for the gross factor), although he said that they would "naturally" die soon. regardless, she got extra meds for me and they will thus die in 3 days. thank god! i knew it wasn't an allergy...

and lastly: i am leaving for ko samet tomorrow, my first thai beach! i'm a little more excited now. i can't wait to see the sand, the surf and just relax. and catch more worms, maybe??? why not!


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