Wednesday, November 16, 2005

angkor rocks and then gets drenched

today was the second day in beautiful, incredible angkor. i have to say that i've been taking too many pictures but surprisingly today i ran out of light before i ran out of memory space. we were visiting ta phrong, the most famous angkor temple picture-wise (the one with the temple deep under the roots of trees) when it started to pour. an incredible downpour, enough to flood everything and turn streets into rivers. i got annoyed because i didn't get the time to finish the temple and now have to go back tomorrow... when the rain finally stoped we headed to bayon, the other famous one (for it's faces) but by then the light wasn't good anymore and i had to give up. so, tomorrow will be a very full day: angkor wat, the rest of angkor tom and ta phrom. hopefully it won't rain!

famous ta phrom and bayon, angkor, cambodia. fresh pictures from today. what a treat!!!

later tonight we will book our transportation to bangkok. we have decided to hire a taxi to take us to the border, about 6 hours away from here on what might be the absolute worst road in se asia. then it will be a train ride into the capital. it should be easier, really. and hopefully i won't regret the decision to not to the distance by flight.


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