Thursday, November 10, 2005

stuck in paradise

today was supposed to be our last day here in beautiful sihanoukville. we were set to leave at 2pm this afternoon but somewhere between looking at the sea and getting a massage we decided to stick around for another day. a wonderful idea, i think!

although... note to self and everyone out there, don't go in the sun after getting a massage: oil and sun = sunburn. but it's also due to spending 3 hours swimming... also went on a "banana" boat for the first time today (somehow it's a pink pencil but heck, same same). it turned out to be not a fun thing at all... you really fall down hard and hurt yourself each time you're thrown off the boat. my life jacket had straps that went between my legs and each time i fell off i ended up with the worst possible case of painful wedgy ever. i might have swallowed a couple buckets of water and snorted way too much as well... and as it was clever put, the ride was a $2 enema. sweet!

anyhow, my entire body is now on fire from this awful sunburn i am now left with. but at least, i didn't get the usual rash i get at the beach. it was there a little bit, on and off, but nothing like usual. this might be from not wearing sunscreen and staying in the shade...

other than that there hasn't been much going on... late nights, early mornings... the bad thing about staying here at chiva's is that you're staying "in" the party, and it gets impossible to escape it or to try going to bed early... i did try going to bed yesterday at an impressive 10pm but soon was back downstairs playing pool in my pj because the music was too loud and well, if you can't fight it, join it. ended up in bed at 3...

as a quick follow up to my last post, regarding the party we were handing out flyers for: it turned out to be quite a success if i can say so myself. i did some quick head counts during the night and at points there were about 50 people in here and at least 70 people came out to party. for here, that's pretty incredible. mama was really happy with her profit! and papa spent the night shoving mekong buckets (mekong whiskey, red bull, 7up and lime) at us, literally. he would say : no talk, drink! if we were not all sucking on a straw. the night went down easy, composed of many drinks, lots of dancing around the fire and a session of phosphorescence swimming in the middle of the night... followed by sunrise... and completed by only 2 hours of sleep.

and now here i am. it is raining outside but the sunset is quite beautiful. i've been covered in sand for days now.

i still don't know how i'll manage to tear myself away from this place.


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