Saturday, November 12, 2005

whiplash and other unfortunate events

the day after out eventful adventure on the banana boat was marked by a severe neck pain and the inability to fully move my head. i got whiplash, and it suxs. just touching my neck lightly hurts, but otherwise it only hurts when i try to move too much. last night i discovered as well that it makes it very difficult to sleep because it limits my moving around - i have to carefully turn or litterally move my head with my hands. lots of fun! getting out of bed is really hard and so is washing my hair, because i can't put by head back.

i've also been sick for the first time since this vacation has started (minus my two colds). on the bus back to phnom penh i started to feel sick and thought that it was motion sickness due to looking down a lot looking at guidebooks. but once we arrive in the city the dizziness didn't go away. i got ready for dinner and i just felt more and more nauseous. i ordered food (not too smart) but didn't touch it, and ended up giving my soft tacos (this restaurant serves the best mexican food i've ever had, so this was quite annoying!) to a lady and her child who were begging for food right outside the restaurant. she gave me wonderful smiles, and so has every other person i've ended up feeding or giving water to during my week on the beach. anyhow, dinner involved many runs to the toilet where i was finally sick once and thought that this might make everything better. it didn't, really, and i spent the night vomiting everything and nothing that i had in my stomach (along with wonderful diarrhea). finally managed to keep in 3 sips of water at around 6am and haven't been sick yet, but it feels very fragile, and i feel like crap. i've eaten a little bit of plain rice but it hasn't been sitting too well and i tried drinking rehydration salts but it tasted like absolute shit so i had to stop because it was making me feel even worst. i'm tired because i haven't been sleeping, and my entire body hurts... like i've been hit by a truck.

we were supposed to go see the imperial palace today but i couldn't phantom the taught of walking it in this condition so we have decided to stay one more day in the hopes that i will be better tomorrow to see it. frankly i don't know, because i still feel very weak, my stomach is on fire and i still feel like i might pass out anytime soon.

please don't worry about me if you are worried after reading this. i'm just quite lucky to not have gotten sick before and i much prefer having a couple of hard days rather than a constant hard time as katy has been going through. i just wish that i knew what caused it...


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