Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New toy

I've just found out about DOPPLR, a website that looks very promising to help manage, plan and review trips I take over the years. Frankly I'm really doing it for the year-end report, because I love seeing my year "at a glance". Handy features also include finding out when friends will be in town or when / where you'll be in the same city. This would be great, if only more people that I know were on DOPPLR!

Monday, January 05, 2009

A New Year

I'm pretty bad with resolutions, just as I'm pretty bad with keeping the blog or old friends updated with my life. I could make tons of excuses, but to be honest, I blame it on my spectacular procrastination skills. The intention is always there - but the drive is sometimes lacking.

Last year I made a few resolutions that I had actually, truly, wanted to keep. But most of them didn't make it far.

I think that one of the most unfortunate goal to go astray was the one regarding photography. I wanted to take more pictures (and still do). But after a few days at the start of the year, I gave up on my stretch goal of participating in the "365 challenge" - mostly because I ended up with a lot of boring or stupid pictures unworthy of being uploaded. And then, for some reason, I was simply not taking pictures. To make my point: in 2007, I posted 1449 pictures on flickr. In 2008, the amount dropped to 856. I feel really bummed about that, especially when I look at my year as an archived photographic calendar.

Yet, as this new year beggins and I am left over-analyzing the past, I still wish to make a few resolutions. Why? Because I still have hope. Hope that I can get better, hope that I can make my life fuller.

In 2009, I want to...

* Continue to take pictures, but in a attainable way. A "52 weeks" project seem a lot more likely.
* Work on myself, my home, my relationships.
* Continue to see the world.
* Continue to read - the only resolution that I really did well at last year!
* Complete, or at least put a serious dent in my book projects.

And that's it! A short and realistic list. I think that less pressure will equal greater success!

Happy New Year everyone.