Monday, April 07, 2008

Not impressed - yet

(uploaded via hotmail)

here i am, in puerto galera. it seems like the only reason to be here is either to dive or to get a local girl. after manila, we were hoping that this place would more than make up for the start of the trip but it hasn't. we'd both rather be anywhere but here. you know it's bad when you're sitting on a beach and wishing that you could be in another country, or even, at home.

tomorrow we leave for donsol to go swim with the whale sharks. i'm afraid that it might not be worth the treck, afraid that we might end up in another disappointing place. i'm afraid that all of this really isn't worth my money or time...

i guess that all we can do is hope that this gets better!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

heading out!

heading out!, originally uploaded by Magalie L'Abbé.

Tomorrow I leave for the Philippines, where I will be for the next two weeks. Also included in the trip is two nights in Osaka - the flight configuration makes us stay one night each way in Japan. Two countries for the price of one! Who can complain?

Since I spent all of last week learning how to dive, I have been very busy and have just started to plan & organise everything. I mostly have no idea as to where I'll be going or how to get where I'd like to go... it's a bit stressful to be so last minute but also very exciting and liberating. And besside, what else am I supposed to do with all those hours on the plane?

Also exciting on this trip is that I am not going alone, but with my boyfriend. It's our first trip together, and hopefully we don't bud head too often!

But overall, I just can't wait to be somewhere warm, sunny and completely different than here. Caos, here I come!