Friday, December 22, 2006

it's official!

my picture is now up on the website. you can the access the "vitrines de noël" special feature directly, or skip everything else and see my picture here.

i am so very excited!!!

merry christmas to me!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

that's one great christmas gift!

nothing beats flattery. well, that's not true. cashmere, diamonds, vacations - they all beat it. but regardless. flattery is a great compliment and it's been handed to me this christmas by no other than vogue france.

yes, that's right! vogue, the fashion magazine that is an institution around the world. they saw the picture i took of the window at tiffany and co and asked if they could use it in their special on store's christmas windows ("vitrines de noël"). granted, it's not for the magazine but for the website, but still. it's quite the compliment.

here is the picture that caught their eye:


i will keep on checking the site to see if the picture shows up. until then, i won't really believe it! and when it does show up, i will, of course, put up the link.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

silence amongst madness

this has been the longest silence yet. i am sorry. for perhaps disappointing some of you, but mostly for disappointing myself. throughout my life, of all of the times that i have started a journal (whatever it's form ), i have never kept it going. the novelty wears off. laziness kicks in. things happen. and before you know it, it's gone. but this blog has been different. it's the longest going journal i've ever had. and i don't want to let it go. that's why i hate it when i let it go for so long. it's scary, how easy it is to let things slip away.

good morning

i was silent during the madness that was going on in vancouver. which is funny, because there was a lot to say. about november being the wettest month ever. about flooding and contamination of the drinking water. about the earliest snow storm that i've seen since i've been here. how beautiful it was and excited i was to see snow. i missed the snow last year. and this snow made vancouverites become tourists in their own city, walking around with cameras, mesmerized. and then it melted away, like it always does. december brought wind storms from hawaii. trees fell down. the last one tore pieces of our roof down. with wind gusts of 125 km/h (apparently, the equivalent of a category 2 tornado), i thought that my windows were going to blow in. and now we are back to normal. warm weather, lots of annoying rain.

it's all been quite unusual. who ever said that global warming wasn't happening just got proven wrong.

the madness is also in trying to do everything before christmas. fixing pictures. getting presents. trying to make things perfect.

but i have found myself a couch (am now no longer using a single mattress in lieu of a couch. i have a beautiful dinning table. things are falling into place.