Friday, April 09, 2010

The guidebook is in!

There is no nicer surprise than to open your mailbox after a hard week at work to find a package from Paris, containing a copy of the guidebook in which your very own image was published! It really made my day.

There were two further surprises when I opened the envelop and saw the guide: 1) I had understood that my picture was to be on the cover. Oh well! But the image made it inside and on the web, so that's good! 2) They did not Photohop me out of the picture, and so my reflection is still there.

In all though, the Viatao guide for Shanghai is small and compact, but filled with information. It's really a clever design and a great idea for anyone just visiting that city - you get the info that you need without all of the bulk. As as added bonus, the guide leads you towards small businesses and green businesses, so that you can feel even better about your travels. I'm glad to be a part of it!

Check it out!

tao guidebook

tao guidebook 2