Wednesday, January 02, 2008

bonne année, grand nez!

another year has gone by, with 3 extra stamps in my passport (hong kong, macau and mexico), the exploration of the countryside (and country) along with a few visits to the neighbor's country. it's been a year of food and of wine. a year filled with a good job, good friends and the satisfaction of no longer owing money. there's also been lots of love, which is also a good thing.

every new year people go ahead and make resolution, and since it served me pretty well last year, i've decided to do so again this year. i will jump on the bandwagon and hopefully will not wake up one day down the road and realize that i'm on the wrong track. or something to that matter!

a fair waring to my readers (the 2 or 3 of you): my resolutions this year are very similar to last years and aren't very exciting. because let's admit it, we all pretty much want the same things.

* go to the gym & pool regularly to get myself in shape (and stay that way)
* put aside money from every pay cheque in preparation for the next big trip
* try to do even more cultural things this year
* keep on reading a lot
* take a picture a day (the concept of 365 pictures has been appealing to me quite a lot lately. do not be fooled into thinking that this is an easy task.)
* write more
* be more vocal, expressive
* let go, more often
* be happy


in order to be able to take a picture a day, i need to start taking my camera with me everywhere. for instance, what in the hell will i be taking a picture off today? i already missed two great shots by being camera-less. for example, tonight, while walking home through a park, a big great white dog was sitting on a concrete table, making him look like a sculpture. as i walked by, i saw an other white furry shape beside him. i kept looking, expecting to see a cute little puppy. but to my surprise, it was no puppy, but an albino bunny. that's right! a dog with his bunny friend , on a table, in a park. i swear, it was priceless. but you'll never know, will you?


Blogger alice said...

Hello Meg...just want you to know i am reading your blog. it makes me dream because i love travelling and photography (and other things of course ;-))..keep on writing: i'll keep on reading!


p.s. Greetings from Italy (yes i live here!)

March 07, 2008 11:38 p.m.  

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