Sunday, January 22, 2006


last night was my last night in singapore. in asia.

in good fashion i was sure to make the last night a rockin' event. thus, i tagged along with a big mixed group of irish, brits, sweeds and aussies and headed down to zouk, the club in singapore.

we got there for the "happy hour" entry, which means that you get at a cheaper admission cost and get two free drinks. thus, there went my no drinking intentions! it seems that it's always like that... anyhow, being there at 10pm meant being some of the only people in the bar. it eventually got busy and busier, and then the night got quite good. we spent the night dancing to unknown house music spun by a german dj and dancing on the podiums. it was a grat time! even ended up dancing salsa with a local gay guy! (gotta love acceptance down here, it's quite hidden usually...)

for some reason it was a much better night than what i'm making it sound like...

penalty for taking a picture in a club in singapore: 6 months in jail.


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