Saturday, January 21, 2006

are you in the navy too?

yes, that's what i was asked at the bar i was at last evening, while enjoying happy hour.

we went down to the quays after doing a tour of chinatown and ended up at a bar that was quite packed. it was bizarre being in a place packed with westerners - no locals - and it felt like being back home... well, being close to home. it turned out that the place was filled with americans, and more and more of them kept dropping in. they all had the buzz cut and everything, were loud as always and having fun amongst themselves. after a bit of staring on our part and a thourough haircut analysis, we decided that they had to be part of the u.s. navy. our suspicions were confirmed when the waitress asked her question, to which i just sat there laughing and trevor answered, "no, i'm british"! a classic.

today i took it slow... the beers quite got me my head. but tonight i plan on taking in the infamous singapore nightlife and dance the night away to the new retro night in town. it will be a sober night, but hopefully a good one!

and tomorrow... well, i get to say goodbye to this beautiful country, and amazing asia, and hit a new continent!


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