Sunday, January 15, 2006

welcome to singapore! country #8.

after a 5.5h long bus ride (instead of the expected 3h... somehow malaysia is really bad with schedules) i have made it into singapore. i had reserved myself a bunk at the inn crowd backpacker hostel in little india and the place is genius! it is actually weird to be somewhere with such friendly staff and western amenities /feel. i mean, there are at least 8 rolls of toilet paper per stall (as opposed to none in the past 2 countries) and the kitchen is all ikea. the walls are bright and colourful and there's a bar in the lobby. a good transition into australia i bet!

singapore is a great place. although it is weird that every sign is in english (hasn't happened since home!) it's nice not to struggle with the "where am i"questions. and little india is wonderful! the whole place was swarming with tamil folks, especially because of the harvest festival going on right now. there's bunch of vegetable stalls in the streets, and there's just so much to see. and the smells! so wonderful. i kept walking around my hostel checking out the streets and at first i didn't want to take pictures but then i couldn't resist. and i kept walking around with a huge smile stamped on my face, enough that i started to worry that people might think that i'm weird. i'm just so happy to be here... the kind of happy where you want to jump up and down and shout!

and to make things even better i ran into trevor, who i met while in georgetown, penang, malaysia. we had dinner together, a great mutton curry. and then we headed out to chinatown, to check out the markets and get a change of scenery. we took the MRT (the subway) and i swear, getting out the station was like landing in another country. from india we got to china, with everything getting ready for the upcoming new year. it was wonderful to be able to experience such a change with just a 6 minutes ride in between. what a great country!

tomorrow my priority #1 is to sort out my flights, and inquire as to the possibility of adding NZ to my list of places to visit. see, traveling is like a drug: you never want it to end.


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