Thursday, August 18, 2005

tokyo sea life museum - bah

so today i left the house and headed out for tokyo bay. it was wonderful to get to see tokyo beside the water. it was also my first time here that i saw the ocean with no islands blocking the view. just water! it's really beautiful down there.

my plan today was to go to tokyo's aquarium, sea life. i was expecting a lot more from the museum and was left disappointed. the aquarium is not very big, and has bunch of little tanks. the big tanks contain gigantic tuna fishes. and they have penguins. nothing else! i was done in an hour, so it was an expensive hour. i tried taking pictures of the fishes but nothing would really come out good because well, they keep moving! and without a flash, and not being able to figure out how to change the ISO on the camera... no luck.

but i did take heaps of pictures on the ferry/cruise back to tokyo mainland. it was really great to be on a boat for an hour and see the city from a different angle. and the weather was perfect on the boat with the wind! that was the highlight of my day for sure. money well spent.

tonight i thought that i'd stop by ikebukuro on the way home and eat dinner there. it's one of many electric avenues/neighborhood/train station here in tokyo, and it's where i have to transfer to catch the train that goes to justin's. well, down there it's all tall building and all the restaurants are on the 2nd floor and up, so i didn't feel like trying to figure out where to eat and decided to stop by the grocery store and cook myself dinner. i made some dish out of wilted spinach, red and yellow peppers, tomatoes and sushi-grade unknown fish. it was really good! get some vitamins in!

i'm pretty happy today because mike, justin's roommate, decided that he'd hike fiji with me tomorrow. it's great that i won't be doing the hike alone, and figuring transportation and etc alone. it should be lots of fun, and of course, i'll probably end up taking too many pictures!


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