Monday, August 15, 2005

back in tokyo

being back in tokyo is pretty weird. this whole not moving thing now gets getting used to, no matter how much i was looking forward to it. there's still a few daytrips that i'd like to take so that will keep me busy... but not as busy, that's for sure.

today i did lundry, which was most needed because my clothes were really stinky. it's insane how much you sweat here, especially with a daypack on. i also uploaded tons of pictures, and that took up a good part of the afternoon. i wanted to go to the fireworks tonight but during the afternoon it started to rain, and i got this feeling that it would keep raining and that they would be cancelled.

so i went to seibu at ikebukuro station. it's the second biggest department store in japan - the biggest one is located accross the street from it but i figured that starting with the smaller one was a good idea. and it was, because it's the biggest department store i have ever seen. the floors are super long, and there are 12 floors (and some basements, but i didn't look into that). it took me about 4 hours to do the entire place, and i wasn't shopping. people walk around there with maps to help them get where they need to go... the place is that huge. and there's so many boutiques, all of the top designers and lesser known ones. there's about 5 floors dedicated only to women's clothing. that's insane! and christine, i have to say that this store would be your shoe heaven - they really have everything and everything is so cool and trendy! but in a very high fashion / japanese kinda way. and i saw the most beautiful kimonos ever, but they were all about Y35000, which is a lot of money. i even saw a small clay pot for sale for the small price of Y3000000 (yes, million).

but really they have everything there, and it was great to get to explore every floor. i really enjoyed everything haviong to do with home decor, small appliances, the book store and the music store. it would be really easy to spend a full day here. i also had dinner at seibu, it was more expensive than what i've been paying but i felt like eating something good! it was actually more expensive than my wonderful tempura dinner in kyoto, but what the hell!

while getting back home on the train it was pooring real hard, and there was tunder and lightning that seemed to surround the entire train. it was really intense! but also really cool. i was dry and i had an umbrella, so this was a good storm to be in!

then tonight we watched pirated movies: starsky & hutch and mr & mrs smith. and now, the exorcist in on... i'll be going to bed real soon though, it's pretty late... but there's these 2 cockroaches in the house, and i can't see them anymore. in a way, that's worst because you don't know where they'll popup from. and you can't wear shows in the house, not on the tanamis... ah! tropical countries, old houses! so fun. i much prefer the lizard we had last night!


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