Friday, August 12, 2005

i'll sleep with one eye opened tonight...

oh my!

i was really looking forward to comming to this small island off the coast of hiroshima. and yes, miyajima is beautiful. but...

the hostel where i'm staying is actually not on the island (something not mentionned in my guide) but on the side where you catch the ferry. so no cute island life for me. second, the place is a DUMP, it is extreamly dirty and not at all pleasant. the place is gross, and the guy who runs it has tons of crap accumulated in every corner everwhere. it looks like nothing in the common areas has been cleaned in ages and the bunk beds, crammed in a tiny room, seem to be right out of 1970. everything is old, gross... the kind of place that feels like it's the birthplace of cockroaches. yum! as well, there's hardly anyone staying here. seeing the place, i can understand why. this should not be a yuoth hostel! this should not have been recommended by the guidebook regardless of the fact that it's the only cheap place around. that's what really gets to me too: everuthing around for cheap is fully booked until the next 2 weeks, so it's not like i can go elsewhere.

(honestly, this is how i expected to find my accomodation to be if paying under 5$ for a cheap room somewhere in south east asia...)

the only good thing i guess is the cheap internet, which i was supposed to ask the guy before using but he fell asleep watching baseball...

this side of the ferry also has no restaurants really opened past 5. it's like a lunch only place. thank god for my good friend 7/11, it really came in handy again. see, japan is littered with these 24h corner stores but great for me they all carry real food. so, usually it's where i get breakfast and lunch, to keep things cheap but still good. tonight i had sliced beef in some brown sauce over rice... not bad.

so tomorrow i will do my best to spend as much time as humanly possible on the island, far away from here. there's beautiful temples and one of japan's top 3 views. i'll try hitting a quiet beach though, so i'll have to rent a bike to get there, past the crowded serviced beaches. hopefully it will no disapoint.

so this is the story of my trip in japan so far. only stayed in youth hostels and hardly met anyone, because they either waren't friendly or they were smart enough not to stay here. arg

i can't wait to see hiroshima on sunday, and then take the train back to tokyo. i can't wait to be with people i know. somewhere i know. where i can do nothing and where i know the cockroaches come from this being a tropical country and not from a dirty house. can't wait!!!


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