Monday, August 15, 2005

oh boy!

i was chatting with victor on msn when the whole house started to shake. my first reaction was that it was a train going by, since where i'm staying is right besside the train tract. but no train noises. this was an earthquake! and what an earthquake! the whole place was shaking, but it was all unlike i had imagined that it would be in my mind. it lasted well over a minute, and it left like being on a boat in the waves... it wasn't a left to right shaking kinda thing, it was really an all over feeling. i got up and stood under a doorway, in case it got worst, laughing. it was pretty cool i think! my first real earthquake. but thank god that it wasn't a big one! that would have been scary.


it rained really hard this morning again, and at around 10 it looked like it was going to clear out and be a nice day. but now, it's noon and the sky is very dark. it's so dark outside that it feels like it's around sunset, not middle of the day!

regardless on the fact that i have an umbrella, sightseeing in the rain isn't a lot of fun. although the sights would be quiet! but i'd still prefer to stay dry, so i have to try to find places to go now where everything will be inside! i guess that this is perfect museum weather! that's probably where i'll head out today.

it's gonna pour.

and hopefully the bad weather will pass and i'll be able to go see some sights outside of tokyo soon!


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