Wednesday, August 17, 2005

pictures, always more pictures!

hiroshima's a-dome with river and modern city.

i have posted more pictures today, of nagano, nara, osaka and hiroshima. somehow, i skipped kyoto and miyajima. but it's all that i have left to do. uploading pictures takes a lot of time and isn't a whole lot of fun, although i really like knowing that my pictures are up there and that you can see them. burning my pictures was not such and easy task as well today, as it included burning stuff on the computer to free up space to download pictures and so forth... but on the upside i have 2 empty memory cards and i am ready to take on japan again.

i am planning on doing bayside tokyo tomorrow (well, i guess technically, i mean today). i am not sure if i want to do the entire bayside/man-made island or do it in two parts and keep my energy for mighty fiji-san (that's how they respectfully refer to the volcano here). i guess that it will all depend on how i feel tomorrow morning. but regardless, i will be visiting the aquarium. i didn't plan on doing museums or the likes but the aquarium looks very nice, so i think that it might be worth the splurge. as well, to get back to the mainland i will take the ferry instead of the train. it will set me back Y800 but will give me a 55 minute cruise of the harbour, which is pretty neat!

by the way i slept very well last night, i was able to fall asleep very quickly and was not disturbed by any crawlers. although while i was updating my pictures, a baby one crawled up on the pillow behind my back. the sneaky little bugger is now dead. but he didn't phase me! ha!

nara: a shinto shrine attendant at work, assembling lanterns for that night's lantern festival.


Blogger JoyM said...

I found you through Blogs by Women. I read in your FAQ that you're going to Indonesia. Any plans on stopping by the Philippines? It's great there!

August 17, 2005 9:06 p.m.  
Blogger Magalie said...

hi joy! thanks for the comment.

unfortunately due to time constraints, money and weather, i decided to skip the philippines this time around. i know it's beautiful! it's hard to skip countrties but i will go there one day for sure. as for indonesia, if i do go i will be going by ferry from singapore to small islands pretty close by for a couple days... nothing big like the rest!

by the way, great pictutres of hawaii!

August 18, 2005 5:07 a.m.  

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