Monday, May 22, 2006

on speed and rain

wireless high speed internet installation, which involves a router, should come equipped with a tiny little man in the box. a technical genious, that is, that could guide you through setting up your wireless network. no, even better - the little guy could do it for you. but then, i guess i wouldn't know what to do with this included miniature help once everything was up and running. perhaps set him free into the wilderness or keep him in my shirt pocket, just in case of future technological-related emergencies. who knows. but a little guy would sure be handy. and save hours of frustration due to poorly written instruction manuals, faq sections and general inability of the populace to figure wireless out.

so, that was frustration number one today. i guess there are some things that i just can't figure out. and this home wireless network in one of them. sigh.

and it seems that out like a cruel joke montreal has become vancouver, and vancouver, montreal. last week and up to the day i left the weather was incredibly sunny and warm in vancouver and i landed in a wet, cold and miserable montreal. since i've been here it's been like a vancouver winter, and i've been informed that it's been as such for a while now... and i can't wait for the warp to end and things to get back to normal.


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