Tuesday, May 16, 2006

it's sunscreen time!

today was an incredible, beautiful, sunny and warm day in vancouver. unlike yesterday that was supposed to be hot but wasn't as the air stayed cool, today was hot hot hot. hot sun, warm wind - just all around goodness. and honestly, i can't even remember the last time that it has been this hot in vancouver. it must have been a killer in the inlands.

so, i ate my lunch outside today to catch some rays and vitamin d. caught a small sunburn, which i thought was quite funny. last i got a sunburn required a lot more effort, ie, by playing frisbee in the ocean for three hours without sunscreen. i guess that the tan is gone. the tolerance is gone.

after work i went for a walk along the seawall. it would have been a shame to stay inside. so, i headed out in shorts and thank and strolled along, watching the crowds. it is sunburn season it seems! everyone was out, in all shapes and colours, from pasty to uber tanned. i saw some beautiful people, some with horrific outfits, tons of straw hats and kids playing in the sand. the grass was covered in blankets and people, the sand as well.

today is summer. today is just beautiful.


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