Saturday, May 13, 2006


It's always better on holliday
So much better on holliday
That's why we only work when
We need the money

- Franz Ferdinand, Jacqueline

lately i have been becoming more and more aware of how much i am missing traveling and being on the road. little things like going to see M:I:III with its chinese backdrop and eating malaysian food has made me nostalgic and made me realize how much i miss my days in asia. i miss the constant stimulation, the unknown, the dirt, the smells, the people, the food. i miss not really knowing where i'm going next, what i'm doing today or where i'll be staying in a new city. i miss having to fend for myself and carrying my life on my back. i miss the heat, i miss the ocean, i miss temples. no matter how much i like it here, deep down there's a longing for something else. i'm happy to be back but i can't wait to go back.

perhaps i'm even more nostalgic lately because everyone that i was following through their own extended holidays have either all returned home or are on their way back. i can no longer live through them, read their adventures, hear their stories and be taken back to these wonderful far-away places. all i will have left will be my pictures, my journals, my few souvenirs, my t-shirts. and looking through these just doesn't make one go down memory lane as well as living through other people.

hopefully, with summer heading our way and work that i should enjoy lined-up, being back here won't feel so... ordinary.


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