Tuesday, May 16, 2006


flickr has moved from beta to gamma. in the process of the ultimate makeover, flickr did not go from it's old self to a more beautiful one, but rather transformed itself into something awkward and far from my liking. i am disappointed with the changes... certain things are gone (or i just haven't found them yet) such as the most viewed function and the main page shows the sets on the right-hand side... i just don't like it.

perhaps i'm apprehensive of these changes because i hate new and improved anything and everything. even if it's just the package that has changed, something inside is always different and it is never for the better. new and improved is never really improved. it's just new. and annoying.

i liked it the way it was. i was comfortable with it. it was like an old sweater. and now, it's gone through the dryer, it has shrunk and it will never be the same.


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