Wednesday, May 10, 2006


i have recently been killing some free time by dreaming about the million different ways that i could decorate my apartment. that is, for after it officially becomes mine, after i start my job, and when i manage to save some money. this is not short term goals, obviously. it is actually quite the opposite. decorating will be done slowly, and in a long time from now. but that's just in my nature to plan everything much too far in advance. and what can i say? i like pretty things and thinking about pretty things. and thinking about making this space mine and to my liking (for the first time in my life) is making me quite happy.

thus... i have been looking for pieces to furnish my (dream, unrealistic) apartment. and decor ideas for accessories, paints and the likes. which brings me now with a bizarre obsession for all things american. i mean, some places do have locations in canada, but for some reason they all end up being in toronto. and seattle is so much closer than toronto. but why do they simply have so much nicer things down there? it is quite unfair. i know that our dollar is good and all but heck, how silly would i look trying to bring in a couch without having to pay duty of it???

thankfully, my deeper new obsessions are for things small and easy to carry. they are:

1. the modular carpets tiles from Interface's Flor. these babies are uber cool in that they are so versatile. each tile simply sticks to your floor and easily unsticks so that you can change your pattern or take your carpet with you when you move. they have everything from plain but bright colours to cool patterns like houndstooth. i mean, this is the kind of stuff that just makes you dream about all of the cool things and combo you could pull together. wall to wall or with an area rug or anything else one can imagine. it's a carpet revolution. and i love it!

2. the hand-made wallpaper from Nama Rococo wallpaper studio. i mean, just look at them!!! they speak for themselves. perfect for an accent wall. you could frame these!

for other great things design beyond the range of affordability or sanity, check out design*sponge's blog. it's a great jem and is featured on House & Garden. so it has to be good! and it sure is.

never stop dreaming people! never!


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