Monday, May 08, 2006

damn right!

i am finally employed. it was about time! but i think that it was worth the wait, seen as i scored a good job in a great company with a pretty good pay. i will be working for the biggest pharmaceutical company in the world. no starting at the bottom for me! hahaha.

it feels good to have that all sorted out. it was starting to drag on and i was getting worried... the funds were getting low and so was my morale! but now it's all good now... thank god! it will also be great to have something to occupy my days with, something new to learn, something to do. not working is only great for so long.

my job starts on may 29th, so i have time to kill between now and then. thus, i will be going to montreal for just over a week in the middle of the month. it will be great to see my mom, whom i haven't seen in nearly a year. crazy how time flies!


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