Wednesday, May 03, 2006

two cheers for bad salesmanship!

yes, that's right. and my own, to be more specific.

i applied for a job at flight centre, which would be a dream job. i love to travel, i love researching vacations, i love anything related to travel and to work for a company that is in that domain and that embraces my love of the world instead of trying to keep me from it would have been more than perfect.

but, after being selected for a phone interview, i can say goodbye to that. why? because i'm a bad sales person. i couldn't pull it together for the interview... couldn't have sold luang prabang, a pineapple or myself had my life depended on it. i froze. i stumbled. i searched for my words. i just plain sucked.

so... yeah. i've never really liked sales anyway. selling actually scares me, just like china scared the bejesus out of me while i was in japan. i know that once there i'd be fine. i could do it, and i would be good at it. but from where i stand, it's huge, evil monster. and flight centre has decided to keep me away from it for now. might as well...


what's interesting is that while traveling, i used to not worry at all about coming back home and finding work. i knew that i could get a crappy job in the meantime, and that i could easily get a crappy job. but i've now been back for well over 1 month, and i am worried. finding work is a lot harder than i expected. i am either over or under qualified for everything it would seem and no one is quite willing to trust me and take me on to their team. i have to admit though that i did not apply to crap jobs as a filler. but now, looking back, i should of had. really.

i have two interviews in what's left of this week: one thursday and one friday. hopefully something will come out of either one. if not, i don't know what i'll do. i don't want a crappy job. i don't want to go back to retail stores just to make it until something better comes along...


to all:

luang prabang is an incredible city, located in the remote country of laos in south east asia. laos, as many say, is how thailand used to be over 20 years ago. unesco-protected, the old city has for its borders two rivers, one of which is the infamous mekong river. in the early morning, discover the buddhist ritual of alms as you observe monks making their way through the streets, begging for food. days are easily filled by walking around dozens of sacred temples, lazy cruises on the mekong, visits to caves filled with thousands of buddhas, a dip in cool waterfalls or treks to remote hilltribe villages. at night, explore lively markets and eat your share of great food. an ancient french colony, luang prabang boasts great fusion architecture and food. there is something for every budgets in this city, from wonderful boutique hotels to good quality rooms for around $2usd a night. meals can range from under a dollar usd to over $25 usd and most tours and admissions are under $10 usd.

i feel better now.


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