Friday, December 09, 2005

thailand from dusk 'till dawn, or... i got on a tuktuk that didn't know where the southern bus station is and drove around in circles until i lost face and told him to stop.

... how i got stuck in a cab (that did know where he was going) in thai traffic and ended up with my most expensive cab ride fare yet (143B).

... how i was conned into thinking i missed that aircon bus to krabi leaving at 7:10pm (550B) so that i'd buy a vip ticket for the 8pm bus (850B).

... how i got to watch one of the most horrible movies ever, made in england, of all places (dubbed in thai, of course).

... how at the bus stop the bus attendant took my picture with his phone and kept staring at it later while sitting in the bus...

... how i got to see wonderful jungle, sugar palm and teak fields. and limestone cliff mountains.

... how i hardly slept.

... how i woke up to the most horrible, awfully loud thai karaoky song ever.

... how i got off the bus to be told ferry tickets were now 300B instead of 200B and a taxi to the terminal would be 150B.

... how i got on a public transport instead and was dropped off at the old ferry terminal.

... how i realized that 2000B ($50 usd) were taken from my wallet during my few hours of sleep (somehow, it didn't even make me angry) on the bus.

... how i realized that while taking my bag off the bus they broke the waste strap/back support section in a way that i can't fix without tools and expertise (that, i wasn't impressed about. but it's not too bad).

... how i was harassed until i'd buy a ferry ticket to ko phi phi.

... how i got south to find out it was raining everywhere (not as bad as ko samui though!).

... how at the ferry port realized krabi was like ha long bay meets mangroves - quite nice!

... how i finally arrived to see that ko phi phi has to be the most beautiful place i've ever seen - and note, i've only seen it under gray clouds and light rain. imagine what it would be like under the sun!

... how this island has such expensive accommodation!

... how i absolutely love it here.


Anonymous nicolas said...

Hi !
travelling through Thailand can be hard sometimes ;-)
I've been to Phi phi twice, before the tsunami however, and the best AND cheapest place there was on the north east coast, you can reach the guesthouse with a one-hour trek from the main village. The name was rang tee house, and it's huge. really.
Hope it's not too late for you to try.
Happy trip, i'm back to work tomorrow...moday... :-((

December 11, 2005 12:55 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

btw, one more thing i looooved in south east asia, to avoid annoying buses trips (three of them is enough ;-)
online reservations, electronic ticket...coool !

December 11, 2005 12:58 p.m.  

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