Sunday, December 11, 2005

phi phi...

i realised that i haven't really said anything about the island yet and that perhaps i should... i was putting off the internet because it's so exoensive here but also because well, there's often better things to do, although it was raining for a while...

so yeah. first impression of phi phi was under the rain, but yesterday the rain and clouds left and were replaced by blue sky and sun! the water was beautiful but the light was wrong... so i have to admit i never got to see it as i wished because the clouds came back before the sun could shine properly over water. but that's ok!

yesterday we hired a longtail boat to go to phi phi lay, the other island. we did 2 snorkeling stops where i saw the most incredible things ever. i say so many fish, big clams, live corals and the likes. it was so incredible to swim in this blue water with all these yellow and black fish swimming around me, unafraid. i tried reaching out to touch them but they always got away! of course... i saw puff fish and parrot fish of the most incredible colours and even a baracuda i had to swim away from. just incredible. after the snorkeling stop the stop was maya beach, where they filmed the beach and i have to say that it looks just like in the movie. well, minus the tourists and the boats of course. but beautiful! so it was a good day really.

otherwise phi phi is quite nice. it was odd standing where the wave hit. there's not much left there, but there's this huge bodai tree that was left standing. quite odd. the island still has destroyed areas and most places have pictures of what their shop looked like after the hit. and some places never rebuilt and are just standing there, broken... but otherwise you would never know that the island was destroyed at 75%. they've done a good job rebuilding everything.

in a few days i will be heading to ko lanta and then make my way to malaysia... i'm wondering if i want to keep doing beaches so maybe i'll head inlands to get a change of beat. we'll see!


Anonymous Nico said...

Koh Lanta has the best beaches, and is really well preserved, in comparison to phiphi...Hope you'll like it as much as i did !

December 13, 2005 11:53 a.m.  

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