Friday, September 29, 2006

catching up to life

for some reason i feel like i'm falling behind on everything in my life. in doing the dishes, cleaning, doing laundry, painting my walls, organising my life, buying furniture, retouching my pictures. and especially on life itself. i'm busy, and i have such a long list of "to do" that i'm having a hard time enjoying the moment and simply being happy. it's very sad, especially since i've been doing some great stuff lately.

i went to my friend's wedding two weedkends ago on vancouver island. this is my first friend to get married. the wedding was beautiful, and the location at strathcona lodge was simply stunning. apart for the insane long waits for the ferry to and from the island, i had a wonderful time. i also got home with a crazy quantity of seafood... but who can complain about eating large helpings of oysters for two days in a row?

and now i've got a good quantity of tickets for big movies at the vancouver international film festival, so my evenings are mostly booked with late representations. i'm debating doing mini-reviews on the site... we'll see how it goes!

we're lucky lately in vancouver because the weather is still beautiful. but nice weather means being busy and being busy means that nothing feels quite relaxing. am i secretly wishing for the rain to return? of course i'm not. but i can't wait until i'm done what i'm supposed to do and that the weekend rolls around without any plans having been made. sometimes, not knowing and not planning can be very liberating. until then, i'm booked until the last weekend of october. yikes!


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