Wednesday, September 20, 2006

a bloodless coup

i was really surprised today to read in the newspapers of the recent coup in thailand. i mean, aren't things going bad enough in that country already? bomb explosions a few days ago, the tsunami a few years back... you'd think that adding a coup to that list would bring a serious drop in the influx of tourists. but i guess that this was not on the military's mind when they decided to enter bangkok with tanks and encircle the government buildings.

what's scary to me is that i've been to that city and looking at some pictures i knew where it was. it felt a lot more real than if it had happened in a country i had not visited. i thought about all of the tourists and the hopeless hippies of khao san road and it gave me chills. i felt lucky that this didn't happen while i was there. i mean, the government buildings are just a few blocks away from the mecca of tourism!

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there's nothing good that can come from a coup. but reading more about the issue on hand, it's hard to tell if there may not be some good in it. while it's hard to pick a side, i can't help but think that there could have been a better way. the thai people don't need any more hardship... thailand can't afford to appear as an unstable and dangerous place to visit. (on the other hand, this may rid the country of annoying tourist, leaving only the true, hardcore travelers visiting for a while... thus restoring the country to it's former, paradisiac self.)

anyhow, all i really wanted to say is that the events, especially mixed with those of last week, deeply sadden me.

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