Thursday, August 17, 2006

there is the beer from back home in quebec that i really like. it's called blanche de chambly, and it tastes divine. drinking it brings me back home in spirit, and reminds me what i love and miss about la belle province. while other unibroue beers are available here in vancouver, ma blanche isn't. thus, last time i visited montreal, i made sure to bring back two bottles of this broue in my luggage. since then, i have drank one, and have been treating my last bottle in a similar way one would with an expensive wine - it's too good to drink, and there are no occasions worthy enough to warrant drinking it.

that is, until i went to seattle this weekend. i was browsing numerous shops and stores at pike place market and found - yes, you've guessed it - my beloved blanche. now, i never thought that i'd find my favourite canadian beer at a grocery store in the usa. but i did. and now, my single bottle is three. while i still don't know how to pair this wine with the perfect occasion, at least now i know that if i run out, i can always drive south for 3 hours and pick up a couple more! it's worth it, no?


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