Friday, July 07, 2006

some like it hot

last week in vancouver was stunning. pure perfection: unlimited blue sky, hot weather. real vancouver summer. yellow grass and drought goodness. vancouver summers make me happy.

but for the past few days the clouds have rolled in and the weather got a lot cooler. no more short sleeves, thank tops and flip flops. at least, not for me. it's like summer has gone away and i want it back! i want to have my legs in the sun and feel the heat when i step outside. i want my beautiful vancouver summer! please come back...

when i said that some like it hot, i meant me. i like it. but most people from vancouver, or even bc, don't like it at all. see, people from around here are never happy. either it rains too much or not enough. and in the summer, it never rains enough. it is true, i have to admit, that vancouver lacks rain in the summer. but to me, it compensates for the 9 months of non-stop rain that we get. but people here focus on the drought, on the water levels in the water reserves and the forest fires - the province is already up in flames as i am writing this. i have no doubt that the cool air and the cloud cover is helping them out but i just want to be selfish and say, "what about me?"

i wanted to be all pretty tomorrow and now i'll have to wear pants and a sweater. way to ruin my summer wardrobe, vancouver!


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