Thursday, July 06, 2006

oh no!

when i was last in montreal i noticed that the caban store there had closed its doors. i was quite surprised and disappointed that i could not visit one of my favourite store in what i believe is one of the most beautiful buildings ever (they even won a prize for the architecture / restoration of the old bank). at least, i thought, i still had my caban in vancouver.

but now i've just received an email stating that the store on granville street is closing its doors. what is going on with caban? does nobody else appreciate great design or are we all so strapped for cash that none of us can afford their eames chairs and crystal glassware?

anyhow, i will be hitting the store this week to fill-up on everything i was set on buying, but this time, at a discount price. i invite you to do the same.

caban, i will be sad to see you go.


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