Friday, June 23, 2006


so i've now joined the world of "9 to 5".

i used to say, back in the days, that i would never work 9 to 5 shifts. i didn't want to work in an office, i didn't want to work in a cubicle and it's depressing coloured carpet walls. i did not want to join the corporate world. i wanted to be free. or at least, free of an "office" life.

well, today this all changed for real. while i've started my job with one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies (the biggest???) in the world three weeks ago, it wasn't until today that i started a 9 to 5 shift.

i thought about it yesterday, while walking in the warm grass, leaving the office. yesterday was my last day. before this, i did work offices and cubes. before today, i had kept my word. but you know what? this corporate thing isn't so bad. i know when i start and when i finish. i have my weekends off. i don't work overtime. i get to work for a great company. i get to make friends. i get a nice view of the mountains from windows around the office or from the kitchen/patio area. i get to have this freedom and stability that i wanted.

would i have preferred a different, earlier shift? yes. but is this new end to a belief of mine a bad thing? no. being like so many other people does not make me less of an individual, and it doesn't hinder my dreams.

i guess that now i'm even more grown up (or appear to be?). just in time to fit my brand new "26" in two weeks.

time flies...


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